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Integrating cell and tissue imaging with Omics Data (Imaging)

The sequence‐driven Omics revolution has excelled at unraveling the gene content and potential gene interactions of manyorganisms, what is traditionally referred to in systems biology as the "parts list". However,"genome sequences alone lack spatial and temporal information and are therefore as dynamicand informative as census lists or telephone directories" (Tsien 2003).

The challenge for the 21stcentury is to spatialize these Omics data into a quantitative description of cells and tissues. Highresolution organ‐wide 3D imaging at cellular resolution on both fixed and living (3D+t) tissue hasnow become possible, but generates massive volumes of raw data (up to terabytes of images for a single developing embryo). Making sense of these raw datainvolves further major technological developments in image digitizing and computational imageanalysis and in the design of databases able tocombine spatial and Omics data.

One major goal of these efforts is to generate a quantitative, computable view of the developmental programs of the organism under study.

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