In press and preprints

Probing transcription factor combinatorics in different promoter classes and in enhancers

Vandel J., Cassan O., Lebre S., Lecellier C.-H., Bréhélin L.
BMC Genomics, to appear.

Finding the most parsimonious or likely tree in a network with respect to an alignment.

Steven Kelk, Fabio Pardi, Celine Scornavacca and Leo van Iersel.
Journal of Mathematical Biology. in press

Efficient Scheduling of Scientific Workflows using Hot Metadata in a Multisite Cloud

Liu J., Pineda L., Pacitti E., Costan A., Valduriez P., Antoniu G., Mattoso M. IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, In press, pp.1-20. DOI: 10.1109/TKDE.2018.2867857 PDF:


Point Pattern Search in Big Data

Porto F., Rittmeyer J., Ogasawara E., Krone-Martins A., Valduriez P., Shasha D. ACM, 30th International Conference on Scientific and Statistical Database Management (SSDBM), July 2018. URL : PDF :  

Agronomic Linked Data (AgroLD): a Knowledge-based System to Enable Integrative Biology in Agronomy

Aravind Venkatesan, Gildas Tagny Ngompe, Nordine El Hassouni, Imene Chentli, Valentin Guignon, Clement Jonquet, Manuel Ruiz, Pierre Larmande. ( BioArXiv, submitted to PlosOne) doi:

In situ visualization and data analysis for turbidity currents simulation

Camata J., Silva V., Valduriez P., Mattoso M., Coutinho, A. Computers & Geosciences, Elsevier, 110, pp.23-31, 2018. URL : . PDF :

Data reduction in scientific workflows using provenance monitoring and user steering.

A Survey of Scheduling Frameworks in Big Data Systems.

Liu J., Pacitti E., Valduriez P. International Journal of Cloud Computing, Inderscience Publishers, To appear, pp.1-27, 2018. URL : PDF :

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