Publications 2017

Resampling: An improvement of importance sampling in varying population size models

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Genetic structure and invasion history of the house mouse (Mus musculus domesticus) in Senegal, West Africa: a legacy of colonial and contemporary times

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Demographic inference through approximate-Bayesian-computation skyline plots.

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A reassessment of explanations for discordant introgressions of mitochondrial and nuclear genomes

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Deciphering the demographic history of allochronic differentiation in the pine processionary moth Thaumetopoea pityocampa.

Deciphering the demographic history of allochronic differentiation in the pine processionary moth Thaumetopoea pityocampa.
Leblois R, Gautier M, Rohfritsch A, Foucaud J, Burban C, Galan M, Loiseau A, Sauné L, Branco M, Gharbi K, Vitalis R, Kerdelhué C. Mol Ecol. 2018 Jan;27(1):264-278. doi: 10.1111/mec.14411.

Genetic diversity and structure related to expansion history and habitat isolation: stone marten populating rural-urban habitats

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New insights into diagnosis and therapeutic options for proliferative hepatoblastoma

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DE-kupl: exhaustive capture of biological variation in RNA-seq data through k-mer decomposition

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SimBA: A methodology and tools for evaluating the performance of RNA-Seq bioinformatic pipelines

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Virtual Plants Need Water Too: Functional-Structural Root System Models in the Context of Drought Tolerance Breeding

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Reshaping Plant Biology: Qualitative and Quantitative Descriptors for Plant Morphology.

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Modelling interaction dynamics between two foliar pathogens in wheat: a multi-scale approach.

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InfraPhenoGrid: A scientific workflow infrastructure for Plant Phenomics on the Grid.

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Raw data queries during data-intensive parallel workflow execution

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Scientific Workflow Scheduling with Provenance Data in a Multisite Cloud.

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DPiSAX: Massively Distributed Partitioned iSAX.

Yagoubi D-E., Akbarinia R., Masseglia F., Palpanas T. IEEE International Conference on Data Mining, pp.1-6, 2017. URL : . PDF :

Spark Scalability Analysis in a Scientific Workflow.

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Pre-processing and Indexing techniques for Constellation Queries in Big Data.

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Scientific workflows for computational reproducibility in the life sciences: Status, challenges and opportunities.

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Developing data interoperability using standards: A wheat community use case

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Population genomics of picophytoplankton unveils novel chromosome hypervariability

Population genomics of picophytoplankton unveils novel chromosome hypervariability
R. Blanc-Mathieu, M. Krasovec, M. Hébrard, S. Yau, E. Desgranges, J. Martin, W. Schackwitz, A. Kuo, G. Salin, C. Donnadieu, Y. Desdevises, S. Sanchez-Ferandin, H. Moreau, E. Rivals, I. Grigoriev, N. Grimsley, AC Eyre-Walker, G. Piganeau
Science Advances 3(7), e1700239, doi: 10.1126/sciadv.1700239, 2017.

The cacao Criollo genome v2.0: an improved version of the genome for genetic and functional genomic studies

The cacao Criollo genome v2.0: an improved version of the genome for genetic and functional genomic studies
X. Argout, G. Martin, G. Droc, O. Fouet, K. Labadie, E. Rivals, J.M. Aury, C. Lanaud
BMC Genomics 18:730, DOI: 10.1186/s12864-017-4120-9 2017.

Fbw7α stability in M-phase requires its phosphorylation by PKC.

Zitouni, S., Mechali, F., Papin, C., Choquet, A., Roche, D. B., Baldin, V., Coux, O. & Bonne-Andréa, C.
PLoS ONE, 12(8): e0183500 (2017)

Accurate Template Based Modelling in CASP12 using the IntFOLD4-TS, ModFOLD6 and ReFOLD methods

McGuffin, L.J., Shuid, A. N., Kempster, R., Maghrabi, A. H. A., Nealon, J. O., Salehe, B. R., Atkins, J. D., Roche, D. B.
PROTEINS: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics, doi: 10.1002/prot.25360  (2017)
PDF: ; DOI: 10.1002/prot.25360

Usage of a dataset of NMR resolved protein structures to test aggregation vs. solubility prediction algorithms

Roche, D. B., Villain, E. & Kajava, A. V..
Data C Protein Science, 26(9):1864-1869 (2017)

LZ78 Compression in Low Main Memory Space

Diego Arroyuelo, Rodrigo Canovas, Gonzalo Navarro, and Rajeev Raman.
Proc. SPIRE'17, Springer-Verlag,  LNCS vol. 10508,  p. 38-50, 2017.
URL; .
PDF : .

De novo assembly of viral quasispecies using overlap graphs

Baaijens J.A., Zine El Aabidine A., Rivals E., Schönhuth A.
Genome Research, 2017 [epub]

Likelihood-free model choice

Marin J-M, Pudlo P., Estoup A., Robert C.
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Ribo-seq enlightens codon usage bias

On the fixed parameter tractability of agreement-based phylogenetic distances

Bordewich M., Scornavacca C., Tokac N., Weller M.
Journal of Mathematical Biology 74:239-257, 2017

Linking indexing data structures to de Bruijn graphs: Construction and update

The summary-likelihood method and its implementation in the Infusion package

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The combinatorics of overlapping genes

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Journal of Theoretical Biology, Volume 415, 21 February 2017, Pages 90-101 2017

Accurate self-correction of errors in long reads using de Bruijn graphs