Bioinformatics empowers transcriptomics, but may ultimately kill it

William RITCHIE ritchie william
Institut de Génétique Humaine - Equipe "Bio-informatique", CNRS, France
Friday, June 9 2017, 2pm, LIRMM Bat.5, room 1.124 (beware the room has changed --  see map)

In this talk, I will demonstrate how innovations in Bioinformatics have been paramount to the discovery and characterization of advances in transcriptomics. I will focus mainly on microRNA biology and gene regulation via intron retention. 

I will then discuss the applications of computer science that I believe may contribute the most to our understanding of gene regulation in normal biology and disease in the coming decade. Finally, I will discuss the possibility that advanced data-mining techniques might alleviate our requirement for transcriptomics to explore genotype-phenotype relations.

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