Invited seminars

The Computational Biology Institute (IBC) regularly hosts talks by distinguished researchers from all over the world.

In these meetings, the invited scientists present their work, following the standard format of scientific seminars, but more in depth than plenary sessions (intended for a very broad audience). They are in French or English, as appropriate, and are held on a monthly basis at the IBC (see map).

Feel free to advertise widely the announcement of these plenary sessions.


A genome-wide analysis of common fragile sites: What features determine chromosomal instability in the human genome?

Kateryna Makova
Center for Comparative Genomics and Bioinformatics, Pennsylvania State University
Tuesday, november 13 2012, 2pm, room 227 (see plan)

Consistency-based detection of potential tumor-specific deletions in matched normal/tumor genomes

Cédric Chauve
Department of Mathematics, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada
Tuesday, october 16 2012, 2pm, room 227 (see plan)

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