Invited seminars

The Computational Biology Institute (IBC) regularly hosts talks by distinguished researchers from all over the world.

In these meetings, the invited scientists present their work, following the standard format of scientific seminars, but more in depth than plenary sessions (intended for a very broad audience). They are in French or English, as appropriate, and are held on a monthly basis at the IBC (see map).

Feel free to advertise widely the announcement of these plenary sessions.


Approaches to RDF Data Management and SPARQL Query Processing

M. Tamer Özsu
University of Waterloo, Canada
Thursday 9 march 2017, 2pm, IBC (LIRMM Bat.5), room 3/124

Data analysis: do not start without provenance data

Marta Mattoso
COPPE/UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro
Friday November 4th, 2pm, IBC (LIRMM Bat 5) room 01/124 (see map)

The role of 3D genome structure in the regulation of gene expression: theoretical tools and models

Annick Lesne
CNRS, IGMM (Montpellier, group of T. Forné) & LPTMC (Paris, M3V team)
Tuesday, january 12, 2016, 2pm, LIRMM Bat5 Salle 1.124

QueTAL?: code-cracking TAL effector evolution

Alvaro Pérez
UMR IPME, IRD-CIRAD-Université Montpellier Montpellier, France
Vendredi 11 Décembre 2015, 14h00 à l' IBC (LIRMM Bat.5), Salle 2/124 (voir plan)

Imagerie biologique à l’échelle cellulaire: enjeux et défis en traitement d’images

Jeudi 10 décembre 2015, 10h - LIRMM Bat5, Salle 2/124 (voir plan)

Prediction and verification of the effects of mutations on protein structure and function

Dr Liam J. McGuffin, Associate Professor in Bioinformatics
Biomedical Sciences Division, School of Biological Sciences, University of Reading UK
Friday, September 4th 2015, 2pm, LIRMM Bat 5 - Salle 1/124 (see map)

Spatially varying metrics in diffeomorphic image registration

Laurent Risser,
Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse(UMR 5219), France
Friday, june 26 2015, 2pm, IBC (LIRMM Bat.5) room 01/124 (see map)

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