On the  17-18 th January 2017, The "Institut de Biologie Computationnelle" organises its Annual Scientific Meeting. It take place in Campus St Priest, Montpellier. Book these dates!

The 17th will be dedicated to the results works of all workpakages with talks and posters on specific topics and achievements. You can already start planning the posters.
The 18th will focus on the work of "young resarchers".

This meeting welcome all the IBC community, and is open to anybody that wishing to know our activity and achievements
The members of our Scientific Committee and of our steering committees will be present.

See The complete program below, book the dates (January, 17-18 th, 2017) and forward this announcement around you.


Tuesday January 17th : results works of workpackages

9h-9h30   Welcoming coffee (Amphi St Priest, Bat2, Campus St Priest, Montpellier)

9h30-10h   Welcome address: Jacques Mercier (Vice president Université de Montpellier)
                 Opening - Institut de Biologie Computationnelle: an overview (E. Rivals - Head IBC)

10h-10h45   Work of WP3 "Structural and functional annotation of proteomes" (L. Bréhélin, A.V. Kajava)

  • "A census of tandem repeats in proteomes" (A.V. Kajava)
    See abstract
  • "Identification in silico de sites de fixation de facteurs de transcription" (J. Vandel)
    See abstract

10h45-11h15   Break

11h15-12h   Work of WP1 "Methods for high-throughput sequencing analysis" (T. Commes, E. Rivals)

  • "Genome scaffolding with repeated contigs" (A. Chateau)
    See abstract
  • "From multiple de Bruijn graph assembly to greedy superstrings" (B. Cazaux)
    See abstract

12h-13h15   Lunch

13h15-14h15   Coffee & Posters

14h15-15h   Work of WP4 "Integrating cell and tissue imaging with Omics Data" (C. Godin, P. Lemaire)

  • "Embryogenesis reconstruction methods : from data acquisition to 4D visualisation" (E. Faure)
    See abstract

15h-15h45   Work of WP5 "Integration of biology data and knowledge" (P.Valduriez)

  • "Analyzing Plant Phenotyping Data with Scientific workflows" (S. Cohen-Boulakia)
    See abstract
  • "Knowledge management in the Agronomy" (A. Toulet)
    See abstract

15h45-16h15   Break

16h15-17h   Work of WP2 "Scaling-up evolutionary analyses" (F. Rousset, J.M. Marin)

  • "Linking Large-Scale Genomic Rearrangements to 3D Chromatin Structure" (K. Swenson)
    See abstract    

17h-17h30   Discussions, Posters & Drinks

Wednesday January 18th :  Open Discussion Day

09:00-09:30   Introduction (Amphi St Priest, Bat2, Campus St Priest, Montpellier)

09:30-10:00 HIV evolution: the emergence of drug resistance (Villabona C.J.) See abstract

10:00 - 10:30 On Speeding up Phylogenetic Distance Computations (Weller M.) See abstract

10:30-11:00   Coffee break

11:00-12:00  Wnt signaling: from fundamental studies of a signaling pathway to anti-cancer drug discovery
                    Invited Speaker : Vladimir Katanaev,
                    Associate Professor, University of Lausanne
                    Keywords: Systems Biology; Wnt; Frizzled; signal transduction; G protein-coupled receptors; Drosophila;
                                    breast cancer; Drug Discovery; See abstract

12:00-14:00   Lunch - Discussion & Posters

14:00-15:00  A novel API-free approach to interoperability leads to FAIRness for prospective and legacy data
                    Invited Speaker : Mark D Wilkinson,
                    BBVA-UPM Industry Chair on Biotechnology, Isaac Peral/Marie Curie Distinguished Researcher,
                    Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
                    Keywords : Plant Development; Interactions of plants with environment; Biotechnology and bioinformatics; 
                                     Semantic Web; Web Services; workflows; SADI; SHARE; BioMOBY; FAIR Data; NanoPublications; FAIRport; See abstract

15:00-15:30   Knowledge management in Agronomy: tools for ontology-based annotation workflow (Emonet V.) See abstract

15:30-15:45   Conclusions and perspectives (E. Rivals)

15:45-16:15   Coffee break

16:15   Open discussion & posters

Posters list

Titles of posters exhibited during scientific days :

  • Agronomic Linked Data (AgroLD) : a knowledge system to enable integrative biology in Agronomy
  • AgroPortal : an ontologiy repository for agronomy
  • Algorythms for genome scaffolding
  • Computing consensuses of phylogenetic trees
  • Construction of a dataset of non-aggregative protein sequences from NMR disordered regions to test aggregation prediction algorithms
  • De novo assembly of viral quasispecies
  • Fine-mapping of selective sweeps using allele frequency differenciation across populations
  • Improving pairwise comparison of protein sequences with domain co-occurence  
  • InfraPhenoGrid: A scientific workflow infrastructure for plant phenomics on the Grid
  • Linking genome rearrangements to 3D chromatin structure
  • Long Read based assembly and impact error correction
  • Multisite cloud management of bioinformatics worflows
  • New fusions transcripts discoveries in acute myeloid leukemia
  • Rational drug design to target Wnt signaling in triple-negative breast cancer
  • Role of gene flux between P. falciparum subpopulations that are associated with emergence of artemisinin resistance in Cambodia
  • Unannoted lincRNA differential expression from RNASeq : tools for exploration of a new trancriptomic landscape