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IBC Scientific Days 2017

IBC Scientific Days 2017

Beginning with the welcome address of J. Mercier (Vice President of Univ. Montpellier), the IBC Scientific Days 2017 have welcomed over 80 participants for 13 talks among which two invited talks by Prof. Vladimir Katanaev and Prof Mark D Wilkinson. T...

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ALPHY'2017 : IBC members will be there

ALPHY'2017: bioinformatique et génomique évolutive. 1 et 2 février 2017, INSA de Lyon. ALPHY est une réunion annuelle financée par le GDR BIM autour des mots clé "phylogénie", "génomique évolutive" et "bioinformatique". Les étudiants et jeunes cher...

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Fruitfull collaboration at WP3

Andrey Kajava and Daniel Roche of WP3, were recently involved in a golbal collaboration to improve, annotate and significantly update the reference database for disordered protein regions (DisProt). The paper describing the DisProt database has been ...

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The Computational Biology Institute (IBC) aims at the development of innovative methods and software to analyze, integrate and contextualize large-scale biological data in the fields of health, agronomy and environment.  Scalable computational solutions able to handle this ever-increasing volume of data constitute the present and future bottleneck that may limit their economic impact. Several branches of research will thus be combined: algorithmics (combinatorial, numerical, highly parallel, stochastic), modeling (discrete, qualitative, quantitative, probabilistic), and data management and information retrieval (integration, workflows, cloud). Concepts and tools will be validated using key applications in fundamental biology (transcriptomics, structure and function of proteins, development and morphogenesis), health (pathogens, cancer, stem cells), agronomy (plant genomics, tropical agriculture), and environment (population dynamic, biodiversity).The project is divided into five complementary work-packages that include the main aspects of processing biological data on a large scale:

IBC is a multidisciplinary project center supported for five years (2012-2017) by the French "Investissements d'Avenir" Call and its trustees. IBC currently involves 65 permanent researchers with broad multidisciplinary spectrum, based in one company and fourteen laboratories of  Montpellier. IBC should become a privileged meeting place for computational biology and bioinformatics researchers, not only bringing together those involved with the original project, but also a large community of academic and industry researchers on regional, national and international levels. IBC activity will invite world-class researchers to collaborate with, organize scientific events, train young researchers, and promote results and exchange information with industrial partners.

On the  17-18 th January 2017, The "Institut de Biologie Computationnelle" organises its Annual Scientific Meeting. It take place in Campus St Priest, Montpellier. Book these dates! The 17th will be dedicated to the results works of all workpakages with talks and posters on specific topics and achievements. You can already start planning the posters.
The 18th will focus on the work of "young resarchers".

Recent publications

Neurotoxicity of a Biopesticide Analog on...

Nasri A, Valverde AJ, Roche DB, Desrumaux C, Clair P, Beyrem H,...

Phylogenetic incongruence through the lens of...

Kelk S., van Iersel L., Scornavacca C., Weller M.
Journal of Graph...


Mathematical and Computational Evolution…

MCEB 2017 - Mathematical and Computational Evolutionary Biology
12-16 June 2017 - IGESA, Porqueroles, South of France.

Official webpage:

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